ART Xis a series of educational lectures aimed at inspiring youth.


Leading art based professionals give a colorful slide style presentation describing their path to their current profession and explain what their job entails. Each lecture will be approximately 50 minutes with a 10 minute break where the lecture opens up to questions by the students.


ART X Series is a live symposium with working art based professionals speaking about their careers and experience to inspire local students. This will allow students to learn about careers they may not know even exist. Students will have contact with local people who make art as a viable successful means to live and work.


Real people telling and showing visuals on their experiences living and working in the arts in Los Angeles, will captivate young would be artists.


For many students, the possibility of an art based career remains an unknown, while many opportunities are in fact available and close by. We believe for art based students, these lectures could be a turning point. The knowledge that art can be a real career and not a frivolous vocation is heady and life-changing.  

Los Angeles has a vast network of careers that are entertainment related, that entail an artistic sensibility. The goal of ART X is to highlight these opportunities.


Let’s work together to inspire our talented youth.



If you are a parent or teacher at a title one school and want to participate in our program please contact us below.

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