it's time to connect!

What is flutter?

Close your eyes and imagine a kind of theme park ride for your heart and soul...

a roller coaster of discovery and emotions designed to elevate your mood, lift your spirits and make you happier.

Now try to visualize that sensation of exhilaration… just imagining it makes you smile.  

That feeling is what we call flutter!


The Art of Play!

flutter is an immersive entertainment experience. A magical adventure that will erase your stress and enhance your mood.

Our team of behavioral experts and storytellers worked with leading artists to create an electrifying world designed to stir your emotions.   The result is an unexpected and joyful experience that immerses you into the art of play.

Isn’t that what we could all use right now?


Thanks for filling us up with all the sparkly, tingly, fluttery feels!

- Lindsey Welsh

Harnessing the Power

After discovering the transformative powers of both art and play we became passionate about finding the best way to harness that magic.

It was soon clear that what we were creating was in fact an emotional playground that would resonate with almost everyone.


Unleash your imagination!

Based on our core beliefs that art is for everyone and you are never too old to play, the flutter brand is:


Artful Playful Mindful  Soulful Magical


flutteris a unique, positive and transformative experience, with a hint of nostalgia, a sprinkle of cutting edge technology and a whole lot of fun!

Hitting the Right Buttons

Everything starts with our

proprietary emotional map which was carefully designed to evoke specific emotions at each point of the journey and continually surprise your senses along the way.


The map has been tested and refined to leave visitors of all ages feeling exhilarated, inspired and deeply connected.


Our artful spaces and contagious energy are highly Instagrammable and shareable. Attracting a wide demographic, celebrities and top global brands like Gucci and Vogue.

How can we help?

flutter offers a range of custom branded immersive experiences that we can perfectly tailor to your brand's needs.

From branded rental of our LA location to totally custom builds we have the unique capabilities to connect deeply with your audience and give them an experience they'll never forget.