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Flutter is an immersive entertainment experierience.  Your personal guide will take you on a magical adventure. You will discover the art of play and reconnect with your inner child. Flutter is certain to change your mood and quite simply leave you feeling happier!

Located five minutes from LACMA, flutter worked with leading contemporary artists to create a world brimming with joyful, engaging spaces.  Dance, play, paint, interact, meditate, explore. You've never seen or experienced anything like flutter before.  Tours normally last approximately 1.5 hours.

“I’ve never been to a place that grandma loved as much as my teenage son”. Everyone from ages 2 to 102 loves flutter. You will all leave feeling like you are eight years old again!

The reason flutter is so hard to describe is that there truly is nothing like it. Whatever you are expecting… forget it! You will lose track of time. You will forget about your stresses. Your time at flutter will be filled with childlike wonder, as you play, explore, escape.  We created a form of entertainment that is truly unique.  flutter is artful, playful, mindful, soulful, magical.  It's truly an experience!

Closed Mon -Tue

12pm - 9pm  Tue -Fri

9am -9pm Sat, Sun

There is a lot on the corner of La Brea and 2nd.  Otherwise street parking is often available nearby.

We support mental health awareness and healing. So a dynamic, creative charity partner like Born This Way was a natural fit for Flutter.


We believe that together we can use the power of art to help make a kinder, braver world.

We don't have discounts, but twice a month we bring in local schools. If you are a teacher or administrator at a Title 1 school, you can apply for a classroom visit by contacting us at info@flutterexperience.com

Children aged 3 and under come for free.


Email us at info@flutterexperience.com we'll see if we can figure something out.

Nope.  Sorry.

Email us at info@flutterexperience.com and we'll do our best to help.

Yes!! Flutter is private, personal and unique. We believe that in order to let loose and find your creativity and imagination, you need a little bit of space.