Flutter is a playful, interactive art museum. We encourage you to explore and participate. This guide will give you simple instructions on how to make the most of your visit. Please ask our experience specialists for help at any time.


"You are seen"

Take a seat on Elise's chairs


The first thing we notice is the art looking at us as we look at it


How does that make us feel?


The video we see is Elise's celebration of black culture


Elise reminds us that when we look at someone in the eyes we don't know the scars and stories that lie behind those eyes and asks us to reflect on that while in her room and when we meet new people


"Country Ball"

Find a comfy beanbag to laze on


Jacolby's work references his relationship with his family


The video on the right is Jacolby's family barbeque from 1989


In the other two videos each of the avatars is Jacolby


Jacolby has created fantasy worlds based on emotions and memories from his youth


Ask an experience specialist to show you the VR component


"Special Occasion"

Please put on a pair of clean gloves from the basket on the right


We will see Leah's completed work in a later room. Her work is very tactile. People often want to touch it and are not allowed to


For this project, the artist disassembled her art into the shapes and colors that she creates her work from


She encourages you to rearrange them and create your own art


Please remember that each piece is a small work of art and treat it with resepect



"A Sphinx For My Garden"

This room is about the myths and illusions we create for ourselves on social media


Katie Stout is an artist and furniture designer


Her work contains many strong female forms and supports body positivity


She is reminding us in this room not to take social media too seriously


Please take your time to inspect the contents of the 'Arc de Trash'

The corridor with the girl motif is also created by Katie


Please don't pull the arms on the wall


The images on the walls represent the personalities of her friends


Do you see your personality here?


Don't forget to cuddle the girls on the floor


"Sphere Stack"

Cyril creates monumental structures from geometric shapes


Driven by his fascination for stacking shapes as a child


Here we can compare the real balls with the illusory shapes on the wall that take a form that would never be able to stack in reality



"Dark Eclipse"

Inspired by the cult 80's movie 'Liquid Sky' these two rooms remind us of the New York club scene in the period


The floor and walls are stills from the movie


Liz creates spectacular yarn installations, exploring the materials and their properties. Her previous career was as a clothing designer


Please don't pull or disturb the yarns


But head deeper through the lightning bolt into the smaller space

Inspired by the movie, Liz invites us to take a seat and put on neon face paint


There are wipes available to clean up when you're done


Please be careful not to get paint on the chairs or other artwork


"Stay a While"

Do you remember Leah's shapes and colors?


Here she has left us some coloring sheets and asks us to 'Stay a While' and color with her


Did you know that coloring was a form of meditation and an easy way to feel centered and reduce anxiety?


How do you feel after coloring for five minutes?




Saya imagined a race of empathic females


Here she explores an imaginary future without religions, borders and men


Women have become hybrids with plants


Three videos last total around ten minutes


We encourage you to sit, relax and be mesmerized




"Chime Time"

Jillian is exploring industrial processes and materials


Here the artist worked with wood, fabric, steel, clay, resin, fibre glass and epoxy


The chimes in the center of the room are set to frequencies often considered to be healing


Please play the chimes


We encourage you to stand in the middle of the chimes and see which combination of sounds and vibrations resonates with you


"13:30 Los Angeles"

A tribute to Los Angeles


Created in collaboration with CH Herrero and NAR


Stand in the center of the podium


You are the center of your own world



Each of the twelve scenes in this room is affected by our movement and behavior


Maximum four people at once


Face a wall






You will see an avatar appear and also how your movements affect the background


There is no right or wrong


Just explore