Flutter is an interactive art experience. A magical world created by museum level artists who have transformed ordinary rooms into extraordinary experiences.


We encourage you to explore and participate. This guide will give you simple instructions on how to make the most of your visit. Please ask our experience specialists for help at any time.


Get ready to Flutter

Josie Bunce/
Frank Guzzone


Take a seat on the bean bags.


Do you ever feel distracted, or that it is difficult to know what is true these days?


The reflective surfaces in this room represent the distortions of reality that we are confronted with every time we go online.


Sit, watch closely and listen.


The sounds and images in this space are designed to help calm and quiet our mind and allow us to see our own truths.


Breath deeply.


How does this space make you feel?





Uzumaki Cepeda

"Uzu's bathroom"


Please use the hand sanitizer before touching the fur.


At the heart of Uzu’s work is her desire to re-create a safe space in which we can appreciate who we are. Focusing on self care and self love.

The bathroom, for her, represents this safe space and the artificial fur embodies thatsoothing, safe environment for all of us no matter our race, color or identity.

The artist asks you to put on a robe, play, and have fun, but before you leave please take a moment to look in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you love about you!


"Sphere Stack"

Cyril Lancelin has been driven by his fascination for stacking shapes since he was a child, so when we asked him to create a space filled with playful art, these monumental structures from geometric shapes were a natural!  


What is the game from your childhood that would inspire you to connect with your inner child?



"A Sphinx For My Garden"

Do you ever feel pressure to portray a certain image of yourself online?


This room has fun with all the myths and illusions we create for ourselves on social media reminding us not to take it all too seriously.


The artist also supports the importance of body positivity which is evidenced in the many strong female forms you will see throughout the room.


We encourage you to take your time to inspect all the contents of the “Arc De Trash” and ask that you kindly not climb on the beautiful sphinx.


To your right you will see a small corridor. As you walk thru look at the walls which are filled with images representing the personalities of her friends.  

Please don't pull the arms on the walls


Do you see an image that reflects your personality here? Some of your friends?


Lastly, don’t forget to gently cuddle “the girls” on the floor. Cuddling releases oxytocin and makes us feel great!


"Special Occasion"

Upon entering please put on a pair of white gloves from the basket on the right.


Look at the walls around you…this is where YOU become the artist!


Leah has created various shapes using the same color palette that she does in all her art. Here she invites you to use your imagination to create your own unique designs… so start your artful play and have fun!


Please remember that each piece is a small work of art and treat it with respect.


"Dark Eclipse"


Sometimes we are simply blissfully unaware of what is around us.


This room speaks to that and is inspired by the artist’s fascination with thevisually exciting cult 80’s movie “Liquid Sky” which takes place in the NY fashion and club scene. Aliens land in the city and disaster looms as everyone happily goes about their lives.


The floor and walls are stills from the movie.

The artist invites you to “mirror” the movie’s heroine who was constantly changing her appearance by putting bizarre slashes of colors across her face or her hair.


Take a seat and put on all the neon face paint you need to remind yourself that you are awesome!


We ask that you please be careful not to get paint on the chairs or other artwork.


Wipes are available to help when you are done.


"Tranquility 3020"

Welcome to the future. The year is 3020.


Maggie has imagined a world where artists curate 'nature spaces' that encourage creativity and wellbeing.


The images and sounds are all highly processed versions of the natural world intended to inspire and calm.


What inspires you? Where do you go to find tranquility and stimulation?



"Stay a While"

Do you remember Leah's shapes and colors?


Here she has left us some coloring sheets and asks us to 'Stay a While' and color with her


Did you know that coloring was a form of meditation and an easy way to feel centered and reduce anxiety?


How do you feel after coloring for just a couple of minutes?




Saya imagined a race of empathic females.


Here she explores an imaginary future without religions, borders and men.Women have become hybrids with plants.


Three videos last total around ten minutes.


Sit… relax and get ready to be mesmerized as you become an observer in another dimension.


Saya calls the experience “Chimera”, which isa thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.


What would your chimera be?



"Chime Time"

Did you know that certain combinations of sounds and vibrations can have a calming effect on your body?


In this room the artist utilizes wood, fabric, steel, clay, resin, fiber glass and epoxy to create a perfect balance which gives you the chance to tap into that healing power. Don’t take our word… try it!


Step into the center of the room and stand quietly for a few seconds amongst the chimes.


As you play the chimes, close your eyes and listen… can you feel the sounds and the vibrations as they resonate throughout your body? How does it make you feel?




"13:30 Los Angeles"

Tell me the truth… when you’re in the car, do you sing loudly along with the music?


When you’re alone at home listening to your favorite songs, do you dance around the house?


Well then this room is definitely meant for you!


It’s the artist’s love note to LA… so look around and you’ll see that you’re in the heart of it all. Whether you live here or are just visiting you can feel that he’s captured and infused the room with the spirit of LA!


And naturally in the center of it all is a podium surrounded by lights just waiting for you!


So climb up… it’s time for you to take over center stage and do whatever it is that makes you happy… sing...dance... or just take it all in.



As soon as you enter you will see that the changing images on the walls seem to dance to the music.  


But the art in this room is all about movement…yourmovement!  


It’s your motion… your gestures… your behavior that causes your avatarto appear on the walls! Each person creates something totally different!


So have fun… create the art that captures your mood and your spirit… the art that is uniquely you.


Move. Play.



Thank you for coming to experience Flutter.


On behalf of the whole team and all the artists, we'd like to thoroughly than you for participating today.


We wanted to show that incredible contemporary art can be playful, fun and accessible.


We hope you enjoyed every minute of your time with us.




Interacting with art has been shown to have transformative effects on wellbeing.


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It's great for all of us.


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Team Flutter