secret flutter

Ok. Hunt it is.


The first letter of each solution will spell the secret password.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Let's start to get a feel for the neighborhood. What's the predominant color at 133?



Gaze directly across the street. Remove 'someone playing music on the street' from the jeans you see



35 steps north. It takes a little more to make one of these.



Reverse your path and keep your eyes left until you see an institution, ney a country?



Is this a kitchen or a tree?



Sprint back close to Flutter for a movie including Ted



And the final letter, if you still need it is found by returning to Flutter and asking for our help




Once you find the name. The "secret password" will provide you with two things.


Click below to gain private access to free events and secret parties only for secret flutter members.

(just DM us the password for access)

It also gives you a 20% discount on Flutter tickets for this week only. Please share your secret with no more than 5 people.