All Things Magical - 6-in-1 DIY Craft Box

create 7 chunky unicorn craft projects - 1. dream-catcher: make a glittery dream catcher with clouds, rainbows, stars, and unicorns, and display in your room to catch the sparkly dreams coming your way! 2. unicorn mask: make a felt unicorn mask with wishful lashes, flowers and a glitter horn, and wear it to bed for a good night's rest 3. bag charms: layer on felt to make a castle, unicorn, and a rainbow, and flaunt them as you hang them on your bag! 4. star hairband: make a sparkly hairband full of stars in felt and glitter, and flaunt it as you wear it! 5. starry wand: golden stars, glitter and lots of bright ribbons - that's what makes a magical wand! 6. rainbow parfait recipe (no ingredients provided) 7. greeting cards: two theme based greeting cards to impress your loved ones on their big day!